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Academic Solo Project

Year: 2019


The Cinema Town project sits at the heart of New Lynn City, transforming the old New Lynn Cinema into a centralized network of film production facilities. The project proposes an artificial world surrounded by mirrored walls. The landscape of this world is inhabited by architectural buildings, sculptures and pavilions. The shapes and forms of these building are inspired by the characters in the film “Tokyo Story”. The buildings impersonate the different film characters, through their shape dynamics and relationships. Creating a family-like relationship between the buildings.


There are seven main buildings in Cinema Town, the Ferris wheel, workshop, restaurant, sound stage, post-production studio, living modules and the underground museum space. Separating the Cinema Town and the industrial city is a giant wall that surrounds the site. The wall is clad with red panels on the Exterior and mirrors on the inside. The mirrors reflect and duplicate the landscapes and buildings, creating an illusion as if the landscape extends infinitely to the end of the horizon.

The site acts as a house for the buildings. The Ferris wheel is the father figure of Cinema Town, greeting and leading people into the site. Within the site are the mythical sculptural like buildings, travelling among them is like walking among giants. These buildings carry people-like qualities. In a similar way that people have different personalities, looks and jobs. The buildings each have a unique function, shape and atmosphere. When placed together on-site, they begin to work together as a family.

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