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Solo Competition Work

Young Architect Competition

Year: 2018

master render.jpg

The project centers on the question of how to synthesize the values of the past and the presence, to transform the ruin into the center of art, culture and community.

Where do we come from?

The Mediterranean Sea is the liquid heart of ancient Europe, connecting the reins and people. It was the scenario of conflicts and the link for economic and cultural exchange. The fortress was built in the age of violence and conflict, for defense and protection of the isle.

What are we?

The fortress is left abandoned in ruin as the result of the inclemency of time. However, due to its geographic location and its historic significance, it became an icon of the Favignana, visible from all places of the isle. People are attracted to the ruin for its natural wonders and its cultural significance.

Where are we going?

To design for the fortress is to interpret the identity of the isle. The fortress shifts from defensive and protection, to a place of gathering and encounter. The design approach is to transform the ruin into a mural, to narrate the history and the tradition of the isle. The fortress will convey the memory of the area to the international public.



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